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General Place Info:

Cape Town

General Category Info:

Crisps (potato chips, snacks)

Snack foods

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Snaxels Foods (Pty) Ltd

Phone: (021) 933 0608
Fax: (021) 933 2949


19 Assegaai Road
Cape Town
South Africa

Business Involves:

  1. Crisps (potato chips, snacks)
  2. Popcorn (snack foods)
  3. Snack foods

Resides in:

South Africa
» Western Cape
» » Localities
» » » Cape Town
» » » » Cape Town

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» » Crisps (potato chips, snacks)

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Pretzels ...... By: Taryn(105.251.128.*), 2014/04/09 18:47

I'm extremely disappointed as I bought a packet of Snaxels Pretzels
75g. The minute I opened the packet it smells like old cooking oil, I then immediately
Checked the expiry date and it's only 27/07/2014. I bought this packet at Clicks in Promenade Mitchells Plain.

I really enjoy pretzels as a snack but now I know in future not to buy any Snaxels product.
I wish I could bring to you so that you can taste and smell, its terrible.

Please check you products before packaging.
Unhappy customer :-(

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