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North West Star (Pty) Ltd T/A Botlhaba Transport

Phone: (012) 719 8360
Fax: (012) 719 8911


1st Street
South Africa

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P.O.Box 565
South Africa

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  1. Public Transport, Guided Bus System Design

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South Africa
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» » Temba

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KANANA TRANSPORT ...... By: DIMAKATSO( United States Indianapolis), 2014/04/09 21:25
We want to know where should we catch the busses in the morning. do we have to walk long distance and still pay high ticket price. What time is the first bus in the morning at kanana. We need transport please please we are tired of long walk to Hammanskraal.

upsentism ...... By: mcluckie( United States ), 2014/04/01 03:53
My qoustion is how can a bus not coming for the whole week?bus 42 does not come for the past two weeks to make things worse its our firSt bus fronm unit 5,Ppl should walk long distance from unit 5 to Tembs city some use taxi's,224 its our first bus frm JB mall to _Unit5,during school holiday its on holidays,5:00 bus in the morning stll school bus school holidays stll de same'school kids are less than 10 in that bus najority workers.please help

montana bus 14 ...... By: jonas( United States Indianapolis), 2014/03/27 16:53

I have a problem with bus to montana 14 we are from eersterus we catch the bus at mashigo next to dep of nws we always have to chase it until to sekampaneng he leaves before time wd would like the bus to start at eersterus.

Extra Bus ...... By: Mpho( South Africa Johannesburg), 2014/02/24 21:20
I have a problem with bus 426 that goes to Queenswood. I am now getting used to standing as the bus is always full. Why was bus 122 cancelled? Please bring it back so that people from Temba can get seats as well

shelter ...... By: goitsemang( Kuwait ), 2013/11/28 23:08
I just wanna know is it hard for you to take some of the money that the gorvenment subsidize every year to make a better shelter at Jubilee mall since you don't buy any busses with it? We buy very expensive tickets to get wet. Now it's raining we don't have anywhere else to go. We're stuck here. Please guys we've been very loyal to you even when you had a strike that lasted about a 6 weeks we still came back. Think about us people.

unhappy about the new system ...... By: unhappy lady( United States ), 2013/11/28 12:04
Good day. my name is cathrine,I m not happy [AT] all about ur new system. This morning the bus driver couldn't allow me to get into the bus because I didn't have the receipt that they give me when I load my smart card just because your machine was not working, I loaded my card and the fact that your machine was not working is not my problem, I m a lady whom I changes my bag as per my outfit. And I had 8 trips which I didn't use but they told me that I can't use them, I have to load my smart card every sunday cause those are not valid even if is not expires. The bus is from erasmus depot to callies bus number 61 which leaves 05:30 am [AT] erasmus depot. Can u pls attend to my problem and get back to me. Thank u

Window broken ...... By: Naome( United States ), 2013/11/20 11:47
We are kindly experiencing a bad costomer sevice delivered by botlhaba hammaskraal,not knowing maybe is because we are the so called black community of the dusty towns.we are using bus 91 and the window is broken we have grown ups in the bus who cant really stand the wind and also asthmatic people please do something whats the use of calling us customers while you treat us like burgers no man we are paying do something.

7 o'clock bus of kekana gardens ...... By: Mother in RSA Hammanskral(105.226.8.*), 2013/06/11 15:24
We are buying expensive tickets but we dont have 7 oclock bus and this issue has gone long.Bomba the man who driving scholars he says he come as he like come late always esecialy yesterday.Rember we are going to work we are not in control of our selfs,as this drivers are clocking they to know passengers also clocking,please arrange kekana gardens 7 oclock bus that will enter in the village 6:30 to the mall.

Your respond will show passengers how valuable they are to their supliers,let it be soon.

Incident ...... By: Lawrance(105.228.133.*), 2013/05/16 16:14
Good day

Today I experience that one of you driver nearly killed awoman atthe thapelo bus stop at about 08h15 - 08h30. Please tell your drivers to be patiant to the commuters/passengers.

Thoko ...... By: Monty( South Africa Johannesburg), 2013/05/09 16:48
Thoko o mphyatleletse mmele ka lebati la bese, ke na le di ribs injury ene o cruel to dipassengers, mosadi yo o violent ho tshwana le ene jaana o tshwanela ke go reila mapantiti eseng dipassengers tsa botlhaba.

...... By: Nasios( United States Indianapolis), 2013/05/04 18:15
My problem is with shifts 2 waterkloof ridge and far on,there is not enough busses.Through out the more people are employed,if may u can add 1 train bus with shift (6h00 2 6h30) i think we will be sorted .

Bus Strike ...... By: Jacob Malete(105.224.69.*), 2013/04/23 23:25
We the residants of kanana(H) have been experiencing transport problems since the sewage project started what amazes me is the sewage project ended a long time ago but we still have the same problem. skoff number 120 ga e tsene ka kanana and re namela yona so re etse yang and re reka ticket but still rea side liniwa..

bus strike ...... By: girl( United States Ann Arbor), 2013/04/21 22:12
are we going to be able to use the ticket from last week because we didnt use the bus on friday due to the strike..

bus to centurion is shit ...... By: that guy( South Africa Johannesburg), 2013/01/31 16:46
the 6:30am bus from temba city to centurion is shit, we get there on time the driver is late or doesnt come at all.... we send our plight to the inspector they give us a another bus, new driver with another shift (skoff) number. when we get to jubilee mall the people that usually use this bus they claimed it and we had to get out and look for a new bus. bear in mind that we are wasting time with all this, we got to work late.......... like for heaven sake, we paid R159.00 for them tickets and they are expensive. yet we receive kak service. starline get your ish right

Skf number 431.Late to work always. 722 no-longer coming saterdays ...... By: Mr nkuna( United States Ann Arbor), 2013/01/26 01:12
hammanskraal. Got bus driving by Mr. Mohlala, monday to friday, morning. We usualy get to work in time by 8:00(atterbery). Nowadays he driving old bus which has less seats inside and not worthy for road. We buy expencive tickets from hammanskraal to garsfontein but service we get not acceptable. Saterdays we dont get buses at all to come and fetch us since we knock off by 5oclock. We realy strugling here. Your assistance will be highly appreciayed. Thanks

Bus Schedule interruptions during December 2012 ...... By: Visitor( United States Johannesburg), 2013/01/10 22:29
I am dissapointed by the manner in which the Company North West star provided such bad service its clients. It is a normal practise that people buy monthly tickets because they expect to be served rightfully so for the money they paid. In as much as I understand that during the December vacation, few people are going to work but the Company North West star never bothered to inform their clients about the rescheduling of times. I never saw a single notice informing people of the buses rescheduling. Is it because they are considered illiterate and not knowing their rights? Especially on the 24th December, some people were not even sure if the bus would turn up or not. Poor people did not even have taxi fare and had to put their lives at risk by asking for lifts. Is there any professionalism in all this? The Company have collected their money and it was not invested in their interests but on the Company's interests. North West management please sort yourselves out. You are making billions out of our poor South African black people. So stop being inconsiderate........

Different bus rates ...... By: Priscilla( United States Johannesburg), 2012/12/19 22:34
I have on three occassions being charged different rates. At first I paid R20 from Soutpansburg Street to Vasfontein just after Rooival and the driver just instructed me to get into the bus and never gave me change. On the second occasion a different driver did the same until I requested for my ticket as I have paid. The driver was furious that I requested for a ticket and iisntucted one passenger who was chatting to him to just give me a ticket from Capital Park and I insisted that the ticket was incorrect. He then gave me the right ticket only to realise that it costed R13 to my destination. The driver then gave me R5 change from the R20 that I paid. I insisted that my change is short of R2 and he told me that he doesnt have change. All that I want to highlight is that drivers take advantage of commuters who are not familiar to them and make a killing on what they pay and taking advantage of the fact that they are not familiar with fees charged. I therefore request the company to warn their drivers as this is on its own fraud and a very unprofessional of them to treat their clients in this manner. Your response to me on this matter will be highly appreciated.

saturday issue ...... By: karin(147.110.251.*), 2012/12/10 18:16
we booked a bus long time ago for the trip of 08 december 2012 for the graduation ceremony at Bedrock for Reagola day care at Makapanstad and we did paid full amount , we were suppossed to go at 08:00 and the bus collect us past eleven , one kid get injured because of long waiting for the bus ,we called at 8:30 they told us that the driver get lost and we wait and wait and call again it was to ten ,the bus representative came and said we got the problem from deppa ,people are not doing their job in terms of processing papper ,so we left 12:00 its a disgrace with botlhaba bus service ,the kids did not enjoy their day at all

RECKLESS DRIVER (BUS NO B2885 - MABOPANE HIGHWAY) ...... By: rasefako( South Africa Midrand), 2012/06/28 13:54
The driver for the above mentioned bus number does not care about other road users, he drives as he likes, does not indicate and change lanes as he wishes whenever he feels like. One day NWS will be like PUTCO and kill people like no body's business because of drivers like him. He drove me recklessly not once on Mabopane highway arround 06:20 and today it was worse as he even braked the bus after changing the lane in front of our taxi.

Contollers at Jubilee mall ...... By: Titus( United States ), 2012/06/11 16:19
I travel from Hammanskraal to Midrand everydary.On Friday,08/06/2012,the 4hrs 00 bus from Midrand got breakdown,it was reported, and no action was taken immediately.When the 5 oclock bus comes it was so full to such an extend that it cannot take the load of the other bus{Trainbus}We had to stop at Coporate park until it was dark.The replacement bus came only at 07h 25.this is the time the last buses are leaving at Jubille mall.arriving at Jubileemall there was no transport for me I told the controllers that I am going to Phake,they said to me that they got no help for me.I said to them now what must I do ? They said to me the only option is to take bus going to Ngobi and ask the driver to drop me at Pienaarsriver.I said but there is still no transport for me from pienaarsriver.They said there is nothing they can do.One of the said be quik the bus is leaving. I had to take that bus
My question is ,is that good for the controllres to say they have got no help for me.whereas they were driving home with the Golf.Again why can't they stop 07h 30 buses if they know that there is a bus that got breakdown

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