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Power Tools, Industrial

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Stevens & Co Wholesale (Pty) Ltd

Phone: (011) 805 5540
Fax: (011) 805 5541
Fax: (011) 805 5596


16th Street
Randjies Park
South Africa

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P.O.Box 4059
Halfway House
South Africa

Business Involves:

  1. Power Tool/Accessories Distributors or Agents
  2. Power Tools, Industrial

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South Africa
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Personnel ...... By: Danny McCabe( United States Indianapolis), 2012/04/14 22:48
I would like to place on record the excellent service that I have received from a chap by the name of Shane in Durban (on numerous occasions) for me he went the extra mile and believe that this sort of customer service should not go unnoticed. Please can this message also be transmitted to the owners as Shane quoted them by saying that it did not matter how far he had to go in respect of service the message from the owners was ALWAYS customer service, well done Shane!!!

...... By: Wegeling Spamer( South Africa Cape Town), 2012/03/06 15:00
Attention the RYOBI LAWNMOWER Service manager


From Wegeling Spamer

Item. Electric Lawnmower
Model RM-2000
Purchased from Makro
Date of purchase 28 09 2010

Difficulties experienced in achieving a satisfactory cutting height in a normal application.
From the outset I would like to mention that in error we assumed the warranty to be 12 months only.

The following aspects were observed from new and are still prevailing.

When selecting the lowest height setting (25 mm) the lower edge of body and the blade fixing bolt is in such close contact with the lawn surface
that it requires exceptional human energy and strength to move the mower forward. Severe dragging on the lawn surface.

On the 2nd height setting (+- 36 mm) sufficient grass remains to give an all over green carpet appearance, however the mowers
body is still dragging on the lawn surface and still requires above normal energy application to achieve forward motion.

The constant strain on the handle caused a lower body extension bracket to crack. (For attaching the lower handle to the body)
With the warranty confusion It was repaired by another professional and the mower is totally functional, but it is on Ice at the moment and in storage for the
passed 6 months because of feet dragging.

I appeal to you for assistance in solving the body dragging problem since it existed from brand new and the mower is less then 24 months old.

Thanking you for attending to this problem

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