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Artists' Material Distributors or Agents


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Ashley & Radmore (Pty) Ltd

Phone: (011) 683 8391
Fax: (011) 434 1829


97 Turffontein Road
South Africa

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 57324
South Africa

Business Involves:

  1. Artists' Material Distributors or Agents
  2. Stationery

Resides in:

South Africa
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» » » Johannesburg City
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User Defined Categories
» Arts
» » Artists
» » » Artists' Material Distributors or Agents

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Frustrated ...... By: Lynette( United States ), 2012/05/08 17:02
I am so dissapointed with the service of Ashley Radmore in SA. I have a large Art Gallery with an Art supply section and have had the worst service I have ever seen! The tel no on the internet do not work. The Cape Town branch is hopeless... you can put in an order and wait months before they even answer your request or send the items and unfortunately they have the Reeves franchise!!!

looking for specific art items (supplies ) ...... By: CARLO MEYER(116.212.212.*), 2009/11/25 21:55
I'm dissapointed to find that there's no email adres for Ashley & Radmore on this page. I'm a south african citizen working in Malawi and I'm urgently looking for info regarding something I've seen on the net.

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