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Food Packaging

Sauces (food)


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Crown National (Pty) Ltd

Phone: (011) 201 9000
Fax: (011) 201 9180


13 Nguni Drive
Long Meadow, Ext 2
South Africa

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 3713
South Africa

Business Involves:

  1. Butchers' Cutlery Grinding Machines
  2. Butchers' Supply Services, Equipment/Sundries
  3. Food Packaging
  4. Food Seasonings, Herbs and Spices, Natural
  5. Food Seasonings, Herbs and Spices, Treated
  6. Functional Food Ingredients
  7. Liquid Smoke Systems
  8. Marinades
  9. Meat Processing Equipment Distributors or Agents
  10. Meat Processing Equipment Manufacturers
  11. Nutritional Foods
  12. Phosphates
  13. Sauces (food)
  14. Sausage Casings
  15. Seasoning, Food
  16. Soya Ingredients
  17. Spices
  18. Spices (Curry Powder)
  19. Starches
  20. Vegetables, dehydrated

Resides in:

South Africa
» Gauteng
» » Localities in Gauteng
» » » Johannesburg City
» » » » Johannesburg

User Defined Categories
» Catering & Food
» » Food Packaging

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Spices ...... By: Nico Kühn( South Africa Pretoria), 2012/10/28 20:45
Good day, I would like to find out if you also sell to public directly? I'm looking forward to recieve your answer.
Kind regards
Nico Kühn

Product availability at your klerksdorp store ...... By: john meyer( United States Indianapolis), 2011/09/17 02:51
Advert in September issue of " wow" magazine advertises two recipes, one for beef stroganoff and the other for topdeck mousse.After specially driving to your store to buy your recommended ingredients imagine my surprise to be told that the store does not keep everything that head office advertises!Needles to express my disgust at such poor service.

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