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Ndebele College of Education

Phone: (013) 973 1307
Fax: (013) 973 2116


Siyabuswa Industrial Site
South Africa

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Private Bag X4011
South Africa

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  1. Schools or Colleges, Trade or Vocational Training,Training, Trade/Vocational

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South Africa
» Mpumalanga
» » Localities
» » » Siyabuswa

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south african ...... By: swenky collen shabangu( South Africa Bloemfontein), 2014/04/08 18:23
I am currently studding at central university of technology, doing my second year in education. I have done a reasech about this college Ndebele college of education and I have found that is the best college for me. I would like to know if it is possible for me to join the college and finish in contact number:076 766 1354

accounting,business studies nd economics ...... By: charity( United States Indianapolis), 2014/04/03 04:35
hy i rily want to study in ur college but it is difficult to find de application,i'd love study there i tink i do qualify bcoz my marks are good

registration form ...... By: mpho kgoari( United States Indianapolis), 2014/02/25 13:34
I am a dropout student due to financial problem I would like to enroll at your collage

...... By: pretty( Germany ), 2014/01/24 15:31
hi,is there any vacant space for 2014?i registered last year and it was a late application so i want to know if i can b filled in those vacant spaces.

there is any space avaliable ...... By: mahlatse somo( United States ), 2014/01/20 18:47
I want to train for teaching this year 2014 I got a becholor of degree pplases help me and how do I apply [AT] the collage

registration ...... By: Thabo( United States ), 2013/12/04 02:25
How do we register because we wanna apply

what are the requirement for entering into teaching@ ndebele college ...... By: lerato modikeng( United States ), 2013/12/02 23:50
hi I would like to find out what are the reqiurements for doing teaching at your college and please provide full info interma of the fees, thank you..

siswati,english and agricultural science ...... By: nomfundo phola mashaba( United States Sunnyvale), 2013/11/26 17:02
i will like to enroll in this college

...... By: Visitor( United States ), 2013/07/08 10:11
.I would like to register with your college.which requirement are
needed to details codeliam[AT] in advance

applicant ...... By: ntando mzimba( United States ), 2013/06/24 23:10
hi may you plz help .plz gv me some info on how to apply at your institution.tnx

application for 2014 ...... By: Luthando( South Africa Cape Town), 2013/06/17 18:15
I would like to enrol at the college for the year 2014,please provide me with admission requirements and also how do I apply.if financial aid is available please provide me with all the details.thank you

...... By: Ntlahla Myakayaka( South Africa Johannesburg), 2013/05/20 01:22
How can I get the application forms for 2014?

Want to study in 2014 ...... By: De rose, 2013/05/19 16:47
I like to study teaching next year,so i need information on how to register

business study and life orietation. ...... By: oupa mndebele( United States ), 2013/05/18 22:51
Hi,I'm mndebele oupa from standerton I will like to errol with your instutution as an educator of business study and life orientation,I want to start next year in the mind year due to financial problem.

Teaching ...... By: Lettie monene( United States Ann Arbor), 2013/05/18 19:02
I am 19 years old.i would like to be your student nd i am doing grade 12.again would to do teaching

2014 Registration ...... By: keoratile, 2013/05/14 20:59
Hi I matriculated in 1999 and would like to train as an educator at your College for next year 2014 ,please forward me with details email address 0835650705[AT]

2014 Registration ...... By: keoratile, 2013/05/14 20:46
Hi I matriculated in 1999 and would like to train as a teacher in your college for next year please forward me with information.

siswati,english,life orientation,geography, tourism,life science,agriculture sience ...... By: gcinile mahlalela( United States Indianapolis), 2013/04/28 00:08
i would like to apply for a teacher in ndebele collage.teaching is my ceerer since i grow up

Acceptance ...... By: Calvin( United States ), 2013/04/22 14:47
I have completed my Matric in the year 2011 with an entry points of a diploma level and I will like to study for a tearching with Ndebele College of Education for the coming year 2014,Will I qualify and is there funding for this,if years Please,let the administartor of the college provid me with working phone numbers and forms using the mail provided.

...... By: Visitor( United States Sunnyvale), 2013/04/08 20:34
I want to be a student a ndebele college but i need financial assistant, my email is nomsa[AT]

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