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Willard Batteries

Phone: (011) 870 8500
Fax: (011) 870 8510


16 Bossman Street
South Africa

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P.O.Box 5441
South Africa

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South Africa
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great battery life ...... By: Johan Mc Carthy( United States Indianapolis), 2012/12/28 19:04
Ek het n Willard battery die 05/07/07 gekoop vir my Nissan 2.7 Diesel bakkie,en tot vandag toe 5 jaar later nog geen probleem gehad met start of enige iets ni.Sal enige tyd weer n Willard battery koop as die een eendag ingee.Dankie.

sell of new batterys ...... By: gawie yssel( United States Indianapolis), 2012/06/08 00:44
I have a battery reconditioning business and would like to sell new batterys aswell,how do i go about doing this.I am from derby in the NW.Many thanks

I WOULD LIKE TO SELL YOUR BATTERIES ...... By: Henry Senekal( United States Indianapolis), 2011/12/20 20:13
I have a National Outoglass business and would like to sell car batteries there aswell, how do I go about doing this 337565

Unhappy about product quality ...... By: Martin Anderson( South Africa Johannesburg), 2010/11/01 16:39
I bought a new Willards battery in 2009, and 18 months later I had to buy a new Willards battery. This is unacceptable!!

Surely a battery should last more than 18 months - not even to mention the cost of the new battery.R2000 in 2 years for something that should last at least 5 years.

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