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Gomma Gomma (Pty) Ltd

Phone: (011) 445 3080
Fax: (011) 445 3139


28, 6th Street
South Africa

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P.O.Box 1955
South Africa

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South Africa
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Very poor quality ...... By: Saroja Esterhuizen( United States Indianapolis), 2013/02/20 21:49
I bought last year July 2012 lounges(cash R5999) at Joshua Doore and they pulled loose from the leather and after long struggle, the banks took back for repair.When it comes back from repair services it worked like it was with the hand thing was untidy.It went to 1 month leave because of poor service from previous times.The banks were again comes loaded to recover but after a week I again inquire at the store clerk and she informed us that learning should be ordered but is very unhappy and will require that I new banks must be replaced because it put me and my family in discomfort this problem will occur continuously until guarantee expires.

Gomma Gommas - Purchased Russells Alberton ...... By: Sonja Jordan( South Africa Randburg), 2012/12/10 16:32
I purchased a gomma gomma lounge suite on 15/06/2012 from alberton russells. a 4 piece + and extra 2 seater. and I also paid for Fabric protect for R11 638.75 cash. the guys asked for extended guarantee and i said it is not neccessary because it is not electrical appliance. and i kne gomma gomma was always quality because my parent have a lounge suite for many years now. it is 18 months old, it is changing colour. it is starting to sink in and the arm rests are also falling in. we are working and I have teenager kids no small kids that can jump on it. Now gomma gomma is telling Russells they can not do anything aftern 1 year. since when i gomma gomma quality so bad, and apparently if a repair person comes out, it will be at my cost??? i am sorry i will not leave it at this. why do Russels then sell a product that only give 1 year guarantee? i am waiting for lady to phone me back from gomma gomma factory

Gomma Gomma Lounge Suite ...... By: Leanne( South Africa Johannesburg), 2012/09/19 21:44
I have a four piece gomma gomma lounge suite which i purchased 2 years ago at Russells Germiston, The back of the two double seaters have started to stretch so much that it has torn, i now have this expensive lounge suite which cost me just over 11000.00 and now it looks so bad that i do not want to even sit on it, what sort of guarantee does Gomma Gomma offer as Russells only gives a years guarantee, surely for such a brand there sould be some sort of guarantee???

Gomma Gomma Lounge suit ...... By: France Pompei( United States Indianapolis), 2012/09/12 19:39
I bought a Gomma Gomma lounge suit because I thought it was such a good brand. I bought it from Russels Randfontein. I sat on the couch the other night and suddenly the whole couch just collapsed.I bought this in April last year. Its not like I weigh over a 100kg and I was also the only one on that 3 seater that night. Russels told me they cannot help because you only get 1 year garentee. When you buy a bed you get sometimes 10 and more years garentee so why not on a lounge suit especially when it cost R 9500. I tried phoning Gomma Gomma but you dont get through. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE ?????

...... By: serina mohan( United States Indianapolis), 2012/07/12 22:00
Good day
I get a reply saying take it to your retailer that’s of a lot help!! Gosh I already did that and did not help they want to repair it and send it back to me after 2 weeks they also told us to contact the head office and they will help me. I do not want that you’ll sell me reject stuff and expect me to pay for it. How can you’ll do that to innocent people now they will repair it and you’ll will make it has if I am lying what kind of service do you’ll offer

unsatisfied ...... By: serina mohan( United States Indianapolis), 2012/07/12 21:34
Miss Serina Mohan
15 Filigree Loop
Contact number: 0844858397

12 July 2012
Gomma Gomma

Dear: Sir/ Madam

I have recently bought a Gomma Gomma lounge suite for the value of around R5000.00, from the Russels store in Richards bay about 3 months ago the first week I have laid a complaint that the the bigger sitter is sinking in wards very badly and the quality is extremely bad the fabric is like creased and almost looks has it is hanging on the arm rest there’s a thick hollow on it and I think it’s the rope that was tired onto and suppressed the arm rest inwards. When I laid this complaint after a number of days they got back to me saying I can not get a new one because it’s a week that I have it and they will send some one to come and inspect it and send it for repairs. I have known the name Gomma Gomma for years and always heard good comments about this brand and was very pleased to have that name until it started to sink after a month we went to the store and a lady there told my boyfriend that you’ll bought a cheap lounge suite what do you’ll expect! That made me very angry because I am a new owner of a home it’s the first time I’m moving out on my own and what I took I will be paying for two years a lot of interest also its unacceptable that if you buy something that’s cheap its going to last a week I’m going to pay almost triple that amount by the time I finish pay my account. On Saturday (07 July 2012) finally some one came and collected the lounge suite and it will take 2 – 3 weeks to fix. Is it fair to me that I pay for something for two years that’s quality is pathetic it looks to me has if it was dumped in the ware house for a long time with stuff on top of it the material look so old already I cant believe the quality of it. If I went to a Chinese shop and paid lesser money I would of got better quality. I will not accept this and will never buy or recommend you product to any one since its last for a week and cannot be changed. I DO NOT WANT THAT LOUNGE SUITE AND REFUSE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING OF SUCH PATHETIC QUALITY!!

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