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Fuses, Electric

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RS Components SA


1 & 2 Indianapolis Street
Kyalami Business Park
South Africa

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 12182
Vorna Valley
South Africa



RS Components is the market leader in the high service level distribution of electrical, electronic, mechanical and industrial products. Operating in 26 countries whilst serving a further 100 through third-party distributors, RS serves every sector of industry in the procurement of their products relating to maintenance, repair, operations, low volume production, research and development.  With over 200 000 products across 1200 leading brands, the company is committed to ensuring that their 1,5 million customers have fast access to a broad, as well as deep range, of products and technologies, all under one roof.

RS’s customers, whether ordering single or multiple items, experience a quick, easy, secure, painless and cost effective process.  The RS catalogue, available at, on CD or in print, offers full colour pictures with extensive clear product specifications.  Free access to technical advisors and 90 000 datasheets ensure the correct product choice.  Order placement is easily facilitated through, the call centre, e-mail, eProcurement, fax and trade counters.  Finally locally held stock is delivered to customers within 24 hours, and impressively products held internationally, within four to six working days.   

It is proven that departments traditionally spend 80% of their time sourcing products that account for only 20% of their total procurement spend. RS is focussed on reducing the customers “total cost of product ownership” by reducing the need to make multiple calls to various companies to source products, reducing supplier related administration and allowing for the amalgamation as well as consolidation of supplier bases.  Through this process procurement efficiency is improved and time is freed up to concentrate on the more important business decisions.  

In closing it is RS’s objective to offer their customers exceptionally high service levels with unrivalled choice, availability, support, dependability and peace of mind by providing fast, reliable and convenient delivery of the right product, the first time.

Business Involves:

  1. Attenuator Distributors or Agents
  2. Baluns
  3. Capacitance Boxes, Decade
  4. Circuit Breaker Distributors or Agents
  5. Circuit Breaker Manufacturers
  6. Circuit Breakers, Equipment
  7. Circuit Breakers, Miniature
  8. Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case
  9. Computer Accessories/Consumables Distributors or Agents
  10. Computer Disk Drives, Fixed
  11. Computer Disk Drives, PCMCIA
  12. Computer Memory, Non-Volatile
  13. Computer Printers, Line
  14. Computer Printers, Microcomputer
  15. Computer Systems, Stock Control
  16. Computer Tape Drive Distributors or Agents
  17. Connectors, Casing
  18. Connectors, Electronic
  19. Connectors, Modular
  20. Control Gear, Industrial
  21. Control Systems, Electric Motor
  22. Crystals, Semiconductor
  23. Data Line Protection Equipment
  24. Data Terminals
  25. Diode Arrays
  26. Diodes, High Voltage
  27. Electric Motor Power Control Units
  28. Electric Motor Speed Control Equipment
  29. Electric Motors, Soft Start
  30. Electrical Equipment (Hazardous Area) Distributors or Agents
  31. Electronic Component, High Voltage
  32. Electronic Component, Wound
  33. Encoders, Optical, Hazardous Area
  34. Explosive Atmosphere Equipment, Intrinsically Safe
  35. Fasteners, Computer Hardware
  36. Fasteners, Electrical/Electronics Industry, Manufacturers
  37. Flow Switch Distributors or Agents
  38. Frequency Converters, Thyristor
  39. Fuse Distributors or Agents
  40. Fusegear, Industrial
  41. Fuses, Electric
  42. Fuses, Electronic
  43. Fuses, Semiconductor Protection
  44. Graphic Display Systems
  45. Instrumentation, Transducer Conditioning
  46. Locking-Off Equipment
  47. Optoelectronic Component Distributors or Agents
  48. Optoelectronic Components, Passive
  49. Passive Electronic Components
  50. Plug and Socket Distributors or Agents
  51. Plug and Socket, Electrical
  52. Plug and Socket, Industrial
  53. Plug and Socket, Waterproofed/Weatherproofed
  54. Power Conditioning Equipment
  55. Power Control Equipment, Solid State
  56. Power Supplies, AC
  57. Power Supplies, Uninterruptible, Computer
  58. Semiconductor Accessories
  59. Semiconductor Chips,
  60. Semiconductor Diodes, Power Module
  61. Semiconductor Diodes,heading for particular types
  62. Semiconductor Discrete Manufacturers
  63. Semiconductor IGBT Modules
  64. Surface Mounted Assembly/Component Distributors or Agents
  65. Surge and Transient Protection Devices
  66. Switches, AC
  67. Switches, Diaphragm
  68. Switches, Electromechanical
  69. Switches, Illuminated
  70. Switches, Limit
  71. Switches, Low Voltage
  72. Switches, Magnetic
  73. Switches, Micro
  74. Switches, Miniature
  75. Switches, Optoelectronic
  76. Switches, Photoelectric
  77. Switches, Piezoelectric Polymer
  78. Switches, Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  79. Switches, Proximity
  80. Switches, Proximity, Explosion Proof
  81. Telecommunication Electronic Components
  82. Test Equipment, Computers
  83. Thyristor Manufacturers
  84. Transducers, Acoustic
  85. Transducers, Inclination
  86. Transducers, Magnetic Pick-Up
  87. Transducers, Photovoltaic
  88. Transducers, Piezoelectric
  89. Transducers, Position
  90. Transducers, Tilt
  91. Transistors, Power
  92. Transistors, Power Darlington
  93. Transistors, Power, IGBT
  94. Transistors, RF
  95. Visual Display/Video Monitor Units, Security

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Component Search ...... By: Francis( South Africa Cape Town), 2011/10/27 22:09
I had been trying to find 250ohm (0.5 or 1watt) precision resistors on your website but i failed completely. Please assist.

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