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General Place Info:

Pretoria West

General Category Info:



Cosmetics, Cleansers



Food Distributors/Agents/Packers



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Kit Kat Group

Phone: (012) 327 6100
Fax: (012) 327 6103


327 Church Street
Pretoria West
South Africa

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 19798
Pretoria West
South Africa


Business Involves:

  1. Baby food
  2. Cereal (Breakfast)
  3. Cheese
  4. Coffee
  5. Cosmetic Products
  6. Cosmetics, Cleansers
  7. Desserts
  8. Detergents
  9. Disinfectants
  10. Eggs/Egg Products (for Consumption)
  11. Food Distributors/Agents/Packers
  12. Food Ingredients, Peanuts
  13. Food, (Canned) Fruit/Vegetables)
  14. Maize
  15. Milk (condensed)
  16. Pasta
  17. Tea Towels

Resides in:

South Africa
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Refund on Purchase made for an amount of R15260.00 ...... By: Colin Papier( South Africa Johannesburg), 2012/10/08 13:31
I am upset and disappointed in the treatment I got from your Buildmart Pty Ltd, Silverton Store. We made a purchase of building materials in May 2008 and todate we have not received the goods we paid for. In August of this year we made another follow-up and requested a refund instead but, after a lengthy internal investigation we were informed by Muhammed Cassim Fin. Manager, that we are not entitled to a refund. Their records clearly show that only a tax invoice was issued with no documentary proof that the goods were ever delivered to us. The conduct of mentioned store and its management including their head office staff, borders on the criminal and I have laid a criminal charge against thhe store manager and reported the matter to the National Consumer Commission.

prices ...... By: nyaradzo makasi( United States ), 2010/07/12 10:17
may you please give me price updates on your latest catalouges.and right now for plastic loungers and galaxy plastic chairs and tables

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