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Chemicals, Detergents


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Reckitt Benckiser South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Phone: (011) 871 1611
Fax: (011) 871 1831


8 Jet Park Road
South Africa

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 164
South Africa


Business Involves:

  1. Chemicals, Detergents
  2. Detergent Suppliers/Distributors/Agents
  3. Detergents

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South Africa
» Gauteng
» » Localities in Gauteng
» » » Ekurhuleni
» » » » Germiston

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» Chemical
» » Chemicals, Detergents

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Service ...... By: Deve( United States Indianapolis), 2014/03/20 17:21
I have tried 6 times to get through to RB to find out about a product that I am looking for - no luck. Finally got through only to hold on until the phone died. Well once again I got through and I am still waiting for someone to answer.

WOOLITE ...... By: Valerie Burns( United States Parow), 2013/04/25 16:17
My husband and I are pensioners. We therefor feel that we have to take good care of our jerseys{since no money for new ones} HOWEVER when we purchased Woolite from our local P'nP we were shocked to have to pay R49.99 for a bottle. Spar and Checkers were R46.99. How do u justify a 750ml of liquid for that price??

...... By: Mike Jansen(105.227.248.*), 2013/04/12 23:55
Require MSDS for dettol hygiene hand wash

Faulty product - Nugget liquid shoe polish ...... By: Lydia Orsmond(105.229.117.*), 2013/03/27 23:51
I have been using Nugget liquid shoe polish for quite a number of years and have always been satified with the product.
The last four bottles of the Nugget that I have purchased have been a total waste of money! After using the product about 3 times, the sponge on the top of the bottle falls off, and the liquid goes all over the place, staining hands, floors and tiles. I have had to throw the entire, almost full, bottles away, as you cannot put the sponge back onto the bottle securely.
I am sure you have had other complaints about this happening - I have now changed brands and will not use Nugget again.

Reckitt Benchiser ...... By: Louna Baker( United States Indianapolis), 2013/02/28 19:20
I paid R58 for Zeb oven cleaner, followed instructions of spraying on, waiting 2 hrs and washing off. It didn't work. Tried again for 3 hrs, didn't work. Left it on all night, didn't work. Oven is still exactly the same.

Harpic toilet cleaner ...... By: Jeanette Bergoff( United States Indianapolis), 2013/02/27 22:48
How I hated that advert that is shown before and during my favourite soap "Days of our Lives". I normally either press pause or go and do something else when the advert is being shown BUT then one day, as I walked passed the TV I noticed it is recommended for Lime Scale removal. The next time I went to the shops I bought a bottle and dosed both toilets heavily with the product. I gave my husband strict instructions NOT to flush the toilet if possible. I am so happy to say that after 3 weeks, both my toilet bowls are nearly 100% white and Harpic really did do a fine job of getting rid of the Lime Scale. The spare toilet bowl was black inside due to scale and it is nearly back to it's original condition. I am a Harpic fan for life now!

viva soap ...... By: L VD WALT( South Africa Pretoria), 2013/01/10 14:29
please could you inform me where i can find viva soap bar? i have been using it for 16yrs now and cannot do without it, but it is not available on the garden route in any of the shops. please let me know asap as i am on my last half. it is the most wonderful product and i have been promoting it to friends and family for all these years.

Brasso - heavy petrol smell ...... By: G Rozendo(105.236.53.*), 2012/12/05 20:22
I called the customer care line today and was told that the heavy petrol smell in the Brasso is due to a product change. It was a TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ATTITUDE. Shame on you Reckitt Benckiser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad Service ...... By: Glennis Born( South Africa Pretoria), 2012/09/09 17:27
I had a customer who was enquiring about the Mr. Min Express Mist as to whether it was anti static or not. I did inform them that being a weekend we might not get an answer but said I would try. I phoned the consumer number which informed me if it was an emergency to contact a hospital or that I could call a cell number to phone. I phoned the number and left a message telling them that a customer was waiting for a reply. I sent a text message to the same number and still have had no response. Therefore why not just say our office ours are between certain times and not give a number to contact.

Material Safety data sheet (MSDS) ...... By: Sphesihle Sithole( France Plac), 2012/08/22 05:39
Please provide with a MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (MSDS) for this product:AIR WICK FRESH MATIC(automatic spray, send it to the Email above.
Thank you very much in advance

I have been trying to find E45 cream in the large jar for ages. WHY? ...... By: PATRICIA DE CAMPOS( United States ), 2012/08/02 14:50
Are you still making E45 cream in the large jar, because it is very scarce at the moment. I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks Pat

Gaviscon ...... By: Visitor( United States Indianapolis), 2012/06/28 20:31
Why was the "foaming" Gaviscon tablet taken off the market and replaced with the disgusting chewable tablet?

Enquiries - problem ...... By: Ester Brand( United States Indianapolis), 2012/03/15 00:53
I made a mistake, please advise how to rectify this.
I was looking for a bottle of Rinse Aid for my Miele dishwasher. I bought a bottle of Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, thinking it was Finish Rinse Aid. Before I realised my mistake I poured half of the 250ml bottle into my Rinse Aid Dispenser.
What shall I do now?

Looking forward to hear from you asap.

Ester Brand

DETTOL ANTISEPTIC CREAM ...... By: B Pretorius( United States Indianapolis), 2012/02/10 15:37
I can't find the Detteol Antiseptic Cream anymore in shops. Has it been discontinued and if so, why?
Do you have an alternative product available?

DETTOL HANDWASH REFILL ...... By: Hylton Marks( United States Indianapolis), 2012/01/15 01:03
Please explain to me the following:
A refill for a liquid handwash dispenser is decsribed on the package as "GREAT VALUE".
A dispenser with 500ml of liquid soap sells for about R37.00.
The refill is only 200ml and sells for R17.00.
I cannnot see how this can be great value. In fact I think the claim of the refill being great value borders on dishonesty.
Please advise how a 200ml refill can be labelled "Great Value"

H Marks

Product ...... By: bdvdwalt, 2010/11/24 17:33
I am looking for the Target MorteinLiquid refill which comes in 2 sizes and I need the smaller.I need 2 refills but cannot find any in Plettenbergbay.I also have some of the larger ones but supply is no problem.Any suggestions ?

Email address ...... By: LIza( South Africa Johannesburg), 2010/06/27 13:58
I need an emal address for Reckitt Benckiser South Africa (Pty) Ltd. can not find it?

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